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This version of the site is a reduced and sligthly edited version of the original site from 1999. Technical trouble has caused some pictures and audiofiles to go missing. All avalible files have been moved.
The pages have been tranferred into HTML in September 2014. No further changes will happen.
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(Historic) Introduction.

Libraries in Denmark (BIBDAN-project) is presenting the development and state of the art of the Danish library system in the 20th century. Included are public and research libraries, whereas school libraries and the like are excluded.
In the year 1900 professor Andreas Schack Steenberg published his 'Folkebogsamlinger. Deres Historie og Ind-retning' - the BIBDAN-project is celebrating this pioneer work within Danish library science, the text itself being accessible on www since 1999.


  1. The focus in this first version is on the library history and development at a national level. The sources and texts presented include monographs, annual reports, articles and biographical presentations of prime library figures. Also audio and video.
  2. A second enlarged version is to follow supplemented with more documents: Library Acts, homage/jubilee volumes, library journals, disciplines in library science and 20 library institutions at a local level etc. This later version will appear on www and on cd-rom/dvd. (WILL NOT HAPPEN)

This first compilation of sources to library history is highly selective and by no means pretending to be complete or comprehensive. The history of Danish research libraries has traditionally been focusing on the development of individual research libraries, whereas the public libraries from 1920 onwards appear more like a homogeneous sector with a common library Act and governing body. This distinction may to some degree explain the absence of more coherent and united monographs dealing with the development of the research library sector towards the now common Act for all Danish libraries from 2000.

The documents are presented in one of following three formats:

Libraries in Denmark has been funded by Kong Frederik and Dr. Ingrids Fond, Politiken-fonden, Edv. Pedersens Biblioteksfond, Udviklingspuljen and Kulturnet Danmark. Their interest and contributions are all warmly appreciated. Also thanks to the Royal School of Library and Information Science and its library Now: KOMM Library who has been supporting the project in all ways conceivable.
All suggestions, corrections and discussions are most welcome.

(Pierre Evald, ass.prof.The Royal School of Library and Information Science, Aalborg. 1999)

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Introductions to library history:

- Bibliotekshistorien i Danmark. Et strejftog [The library history of Denmark: an outline] / by former national librarian Palle Birkelund. in: Kultur og natur. Vandringer blant bøker og bokfolk. Festskrift til Gerhard Munthe 28.april 1989. Riksbibliotekstjenesten, Oslo, 1989. Page 13-27. Full text. D.

- At skrive bibliotekshistorie. Om grundlæggelsen af det moderne folkebibliotek i Danmark (The writing of library history: on the foundation of the modern public library in Denmark / by ass. prof. Leif Emerek. in: Det siviliserte informasjonssamfunn. Folkebibliotekernes rolle ved inngangen til en digital tid / editors: Ragnar Andreas Audunson Niels Windfeld Lund. Fagbokforlaget, Bergen, 2001. Page 88-117. Reference.