Erik Allerslev Jensen: Scandinavian Public Library Quarterly [SPLQ]. Continues: REOL. Copenhagen, 1962-67.

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Danish editors:
1968-1973 Erik Allerslev Jensen
1973-1977 Grethe Torfing
1978-1981 Ingerlise Kofoed
1982-1989 Jes Petersen
1990-1996 Peter Heise
1996-1999 Elisabeth Lylloff
2000 Jytte Christensen

Introduction in: SPLQ, page 1 .



 Erik Allerslev Jensen. (editor)

Scandinavian Public Library Quarterly



In 1962 the Scandinavian State Directors of Public Libraries started REOL, a jointly published public library periodical, which carried articles and reviews of particular interest to public librarians in Scandinavia.
The increased interest which other countries have shown in Scandinavian librarianship, as a result of the growing international co?operation within the library field, created a natural desire to further the mutual exchange of experiences and ideas by publishing a Scandinavian library periodical in English. The Scandinavian countries are fortunate in having excellent library periodicals, but these are published in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish and are therefore inaccessible to the majority of readers outside Scandinavia.

The Scandinavian

With this in mind the Scandinavian State Directors of Public Libraries decided to change REOL and publish instead a periodical in English, its new name: SCANDINAVIAN Public Library Quarterly. The SCANDINAVIAN will carry articles about the organization and activities of Scandinavian public libraries, convey a Scandinavian viewpoint on important library problems and provide reviews of current library literature published in English, German, French and the Scandinavian languages which might be of interest to public librarians. There will also on a more limited scale, be reviews of Russian, Spanish and Italian library literature.
The editors of the SCANDINAVIAN hope that this new periodical will not only contain pertinent information about public libraries in Scandinavia, but that it will also come to be looked upon as a significant contribution towards international library co?operation.

Editor in Chief